Ignite Continuous Improvement Culture

Motivate Teams to reduce lead time, improve release efficiency and minimize failure rate



Observe data across tools and processes



Orient data to reflect on team’s performance



Decide on what good practices to follow



Act to enforce on practices inline within tools

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Observe data across tools and processes

GoLean.io aggregates tool event information then generates normalized visualizations. Data collected from multiple projects, with varying processes, are presented on a common scale for simplified comparison. GoLean.io helps teams dig deeper into project processes that enhance software delivery cycles.

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Orient team performance data

Easily accessible metrics are available to analyze team performance. Key Performance Index (KPI), health check, and diagnostic metrics reveal teams' target date probability, goal progression efficiency, and corrective action requirements.


Decide on practice implementation

Expedite experimentation with visualizations that take the guesswork out of process improvement. Make informed decisions on best practices. Sample industry best practices using "constraint" and "nudge" automations. Implement continuous improvement across projects and teams.

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Act on observations

Build-in your own constraints and nudges using provided SDK and API. Manage, measure and visualization daily practice impacts using a continuous OODA loop. Share across the organization and innovate with every iteration.

You will love GoLean.io

For Business

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    Outmaneuver your competition

    Perform the OODA loop faster than your competition. Learn, strategize, and innovate like a lean startup with GoLean.io.

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    Orchestrate high performance

    When you apply constraints and nudges using GoLean.io, you impact daily team practices. This changes team behavior and thinking over time, leading to high performance culture.

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    Grow customer confidence

    Delivery of software with low failure rate and fast recovery time using GoLean.io pipelines. This ensure consistent and safe software releases that your customers can depend upon.

For Development

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    Focus on solutions not tools

    When GoLean.io automates interactions between your Agile and DevOps tools, bringing them in perfect alignment, you can focus on delivering solutions and develop new ideas faster.

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    More than gut feeling

    See your work in entirely new light with stunning visualizations in GoLean.io. Use the data to measure agility and reason what process areas need improvements

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    Continuously Govern (CG) at scale

    Perform CI-CD at team level and CG at every level of enterprise using GoLean.io. This enables self-organizing teams to continuously improve to achieve strategic goals in the enterprise context

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